If You Knew Susie - Shirley Watts Accordion Band - 60 Accordion Greats

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  1. 3, MILWAUKEE MEMORIES. THAT WILL JOG YOUR CURRENT & PAST MEMORIES. If you’re from Milwaukee, here is an amazing list of past and present facts, people, places, and events that shaped our life experiences.
  2. he accordion is a much loved instrument, by professionals and amateurs alike. Here at Allodi Accordions, we specialise in the traditional instrument, so although the accordion has moved successfully into midi and electronics, we have tended to stick to the typical pieces, committed to the restoration and maintenance of the established brands and models, or just an instrument that you .
  3. Dunloy Accordion Band. 5, likes · 7 talking about this. Located 6 miles south of Ballymoney, the band has been in existence since & attracts members from all over NI. For all booking Followers: K.
  4. Jan 09,  · Accordions: So Hot Right Now. Once considered glamorous and sexy, then forgotten, the instrument is making a comeback. an honor that comes at a time when the accordion .
  5. The 60's pop band with accordion - really crazy, made in vintage style music video. This Russian pop song is about spring, which is coming:) The last part of this video (from ) is a bit hard-core You probably have seen guitarists smashing their guitars, but have you seen accordionist smashing his accordion? Don't try this at home.
  6. You can experiment with cassotto even on a standard accordion. Try partially covering the holes in the treble grille with masking tape and effect on the sound quality. The biggest effect is when the grille is nearly closed off. If you try this, make sure you don’t damage any fancy decoration on the grille.

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