River Of Blood - Merciless Death - Sick Sanctities

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  1. Absent/Minded - Alight Amenophis - Demos Barus - Barus Cober Ord - Le Revers du Soleil Elforg - Elforg Groovenom - Pink Lion Harm - Devil Lesne Licho - Pieśni Starego L.
  2. Hawkwind – Blood of the Earth Helloween – Unarmed (Best of 25th Anniversary) Immolation – Majesty and Decay Insidious Disease – Shadowcast Kruger – For Death, Glory and the End of the World La Famiglia Superstar – La Famiglia Superstar Masi, Alex – Theory of Everything Merciless Death – Sick Sanctities Musica Diablo – Musica.
  3. MERCILESS DEATH - Eternal Condemnation demo CD MERCILESS DEATH - From Hell. CD MERCILESS DEATH - Holocaust CD MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities 93 CD METAL WITCH- Risen From The Grave CD x3 MORBID VISION- "Visions of the Morbid Rites" CD MORTAL SLAUGHTER - Destiny / Roots Of Evil CD MORTAL SLAUGHTER - Lepers 93 CD.
  4. MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities LP: HRR , limited to copies, x red/ black splatter vinyl + x black vinyl, cardboard lyric sheet: Grzegorz Miszuk - Vocals, Drums Marek Zak - Bass Mariusz Zdrodowski - Guitar Jaroslaw Figaszewski - Guitar-The Sanctuary-The Victim -Power of Destiny -River of Blood -No Mercy -Mirror of Inferno.
  5. MERCILESS DEATH: sick sanctities LP (High Roller Recs/Ger/) Holy shit, Poland’s MERCILESS DEATH debut album (originally released on tape only back in ) is a blast from start to finish. Fucking evil piece of thrashing death metal that draws its inspiration from bands like Morbid Angel (Blessed are the sick), Death and Slayer but also.
  6. Chapter Summaries: Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone Chapter Page Summary 1 1 London, England. October Samuel “steals” his dead mother’s locket and is arrested. 2 6 Reverend Hunt arranges for Samuel and Richard to travel to the New World. 3 14 Before setting sail on the Susan Constant, Captain John Smith and Sir Edward.

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